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The HomeRij Story


As a kid growing up in Brisbane, Queensland dogs were ever present in our suburban home. First there was Nicky the cocker from whom I item3and many of my siblings still bare the scars. Then there were Ben and Balto the German Shepherds who were my companions through my growing years. I exercised them trained them fed them groomed them and picked up their poo some of the time. Mum did the poo thing most of the time. Isn’t that what they’re for?

In that time I learned to care for my dogs and also experienced the intense sadness and loss when they pass over the bridge.

NewYearsEve09My first experience of Rhodesian Ridgebacks was a number of years later after finishing university. I was visiting some friends over in Perth and while there I saw a most amazingly striking dog with a captivating temperament. I had never seen the like before (remember I grew up in suburban Brisbane last century). I found out that this dog was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Cool name cool dog.

Fast forward a few years and while traveling in different parts of the world I heard stories and found artifacts of this amazing breed.

When I finally settled back in Brisbane I purchased Jamaa an unregistered dog. From that moment I was hooked on the breed. He has proven to be a loyal companion who will stand firm by my side even though he is afraid of various events such as storms.

Once Jamaa hit the age of seven I became concerned that he was sliding into old age so I decided to find a young companion for him. I was lucky to find Makani, aka Ch Starridge Kozar Legacy AI ET bred by Cyndy Burton. Makani came to me at 8 weeks of age. Many people, including Cyndy were concerned about housing boys together but luckily Makani and Jamaa have been the best of mates and spend most of their time together.

I’m not sure if you can see pattern here but before too many years had passed I decided that I would like to increase my furkids and around this item4 time I thought that I would like to try to improve the breed which given me so much. So you guessed it along came Anza aka Ch HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCh LCM bred by Di Brennan. She fitted into the group well by simply taking over. She is going to be my foundation bitch as she is of proven lines of exceptional brood bitches.

All of my dogs are well socialized and can often be seen in the CBD, at markets, rallies, fire works displays etc. They live in the house and have been obedience trained. They've even managed to meet a famous person or two.

I have been lucky to have purchased puppies from some fantastic breeders not only cause of their great breeding programs but because of the lifelong support and friendship that they provide puppy buyers. I hope to follow their there example in the few litters that I intend to breed.