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My Dogs


Jamaa - the name means 'Companion'

item3Jamaa is my 1st Rhodesian Ridgeback, the boy who cemented the love for the breed.

He is 12 years old and he loves to Lure course. The years just drop away when he hears that plastic bag.

Generally a quiet boy he has a wagging tail and a licking tongue. He loves nothing better than to lie in the sun during the day and on the softest dog bed at night.

He loves to protect me from imaginary possums and always dobs in the others when they are misbehaving.

He is incredibly loyal and courageous



Makani (Ch Starridge Kozar Legacy AI ET) - the name means 'home'

item4Makani entered the household to be a companion for Jamaa and was initially co owned with Rachel and Tony of Kodust RRs. I thought that I’d have a crack at the ‘show thing’ seeing as though my dog was at the shows. As fate would have it Makani ended up being solely in my name and I became determined to take him to his conformation title. An ambition I acheived with the added enjoyment of multiple classes in group along the way. He achieved his ET with ease and is well on the way to FCh.

Makani loves going to shows where he can socialize and flirt. Once in the ring though he occasionally takes after his beautiful Dam Zarina(ChStarridge Sumton Special) who was always the one to decide whether or not it was worth running around a ring that day. When he is firing on all cylinders he is really something to behold. When he isn’t - well….

Makani has the most spectacular nature he is laid back and cheeky at the same time. He is the nurturer and healer of the pack always inquisitive and always by my side. He makes me laugh every day.


Anza (Ch HuntingRidge Spirit of Katana ET FCh LCM) - the name means to 'start or begin'

item5When Anza entered the household the boys didn’t know what hit them.

She demands to be the centre of attention and is the life of any party. She is fiercely possessive of ‘her boys’ but strangely enough loves to be a lap dog for her ‘dad’.

Everything that Anza does she does 150% be it showing, obedience (or disobedience) or Lure Coursing. When Anza achieved her FCh she was the youngest Ridgeback ever to achieve this and she was the best Ridgeback courser in the same year. Conformation wise Anza has aquitted herself well with several class in groups and 3 best headed bitch in show awards. Anza and Makani have also excelled in Brace.

Her whipping tail never stops and I would be without my girl.

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